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Haveaswiss.com APIs


draw.js is a Javascript library for drawing shapes using canvas or SVG using a unified API. There is actually some documentation on it, and you can also view the library's source code or see a page that demonstrates its features.

Minecraft Server Status

If you wanted to put something on your thing like we have on the page about our Minecraft server about the status of the Haveaswiss Minecraft server, you can get the status using our API. Just make a call to one of the following, depending on what server you want to get the status of.

The data returned will be formatted as JSON. Here's an example of what you can expect to get back:
{"online":true,"motd":"Haveaswiss.com Creative Server","online_players":2,"max_players":20,"error":"OK"}

Sterling's Canvas Library

Sterling has created a library to simplify the creation of games using the HTML5 canvas element. You can find more information about it here, and he has provided documentation on it as well.